My Postpartum Belly After C Section!

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Hollie Ghoy Hunter says:

6:39 girl, you awesome!!!! Nobody should be flat bellied 2 weeks postpartum!!! That’s unnatural

Harlem Antoinette Rising from the ashes says:

Melt some shea butter and rub on it. Then you can do egg white masks for your belly to make the skin tighter

Harlem Antoinette Rising from the ashes says:

Girdle I wish I wore one afterwards

MFL Teacher Kerry A K Francis says:

This is so useful to so many women. It´s such a worry for many of us. Some good points you make about the blessing.

Madhuri Rahang says:

How to slim after c sec 2 years old

christina Hemming says:

Did you use the, their bands are soft cotton and are super adjustable!

Mariah Fox says:

That's normal. That's how mine is too. We just need to eat healthy and exercise regularly to get everything back to normal.

Cydinternational says:

Just had my son 4 weeks ago today and my stomach looks exactly like yours except I have extreme stretch marks. What did your doctor say about a hernia? I go for my check up next week. I’d love to hear updates on your postpartum journey as well. Hope you and baby are doing good

Nurse V says:

Girl you were so brave to show that. My stomach looked the same if not a worser case. I respect your honesty. I remember being in the hospital asking my mom, ma whats this, why my stomach look like that. She said you have to work on it to get it back like it was. No one tells you or discussed to me how your belly area looks after a baby/ after a c sectiion. I am glad thaat females as a whole are talking more about our bodies and what they don't tell you. Congrats to our honesty! You are a beautiful person inside and out.

SweetE1403 says:

It will get better, and your skin will lighten up

Core Elevation Fitness says:

You very well may have Diastasis Recti (abdominal seperation) which lots of csection & moms of 2 or more kids have. It causes you to still look months pregnant months & even years after giving birth and if you do the wrong exercises like crunches, sit ups, planks they can actually male it worse! I'm a physical therspist and I have DR myself & healing my own plus helping other moms heal theirs. Feel free to visit my YouTube channel to see videos on how to test yourself to see if you have it & visit for more information if interested in my Diastasis Recti Repair Core Rehab Program. Would LOVE to help you & any other mama who has grown frustrated by this.

Marin Manning says:

Please stop the HORRIBLE Music-and Stop Repeating yourself!–

Ebony Rivers says:

Thank you so much for sharing and your honesty. That snapback struggle after c-section ain’t no joke!! We have to love ourselves and the beauty of our God-given bodies.

Kimberley De Leon says:

my darling your postpartum body can go back in shape with simple exercises. you can start by holding your tummy in for short periods of time. believe me it works

Richelle Jordan says:

Thank youuuuuu, and you look awesome!!

Nala says:

Your stomach looks better then most women who never had child. your body took 9×2 month to give life to two children with God's help. You need to give yourself year or even more after each birth for your body to recover. you are beautiful young mother and you have beautiful young family just enjoy it!!.you will get there while u run around after your little one… taking care of them is work out by itself lol.

Daesha Janae says:

Is your stomach a little bigger because you had Aria before giving your body a full recovery after having Troy?

Cassandra Mcintyre says:

hey Rachel you should go by a herbalist and get a clean up…just after taking the first set you're gonna lose so much belly weight

Na-Tasha Styles says:

Until you can workout wear a girdle, drink lots of water with fruit in it and eat a grape fruit.

JustsimplyBrisace ! says:

Its okay Rachel, it take's time after a c-section to lose weight, just drink a little more water and try to get a lot of walking in as you can.

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