My Post Pregnancy Body After Baby | Weight Loss Journey + Transformation

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Here is a look at my weight loss so far since giving birth to my son. I thought I would have been back to normal by now but I still have 5 lbs to lose. If you have any post pregnancy post natal questions about fitness or weight loss, you can leave them in the comments. Sharing my advice while I’m still breastfeeding on how to lose the baby weight after pregnancy.

Watch my full weight loss transformation here –


Kimmy Grant says:

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Tate Dougherty says:

Is Custokebon Secrets helpful to lost tons of fat? I've read a lot of good stuff about this popular lose weight method.

maria clark says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea works best for loosing post baby weight easily.

Bethany Hale says:

I lost my post pregnancy weight with the help of Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Alexa Marshall says:

Loved your video. I reduced my post baby weight quickly than usual by adding "Mummy magic weight loss tea" to my daily routine. I used to drink it 2-3 times daily it is completely safe to drink and has no preservatives even if you are breastfeeding.

carol thompson says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea has helped me reduced my Baby weight without any hard effort.

Susan michael says:

I lost my post baby weight with the help of mummy magic weight loss tea

Donna Williams says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea is the best to loose post baby weight. I kept doing my workout routine and used to drink this 2-3 times a day and I was in shape in no time.

Zucker Watte says:

How come your skin is so tight and you dont have any stretchmarks!? You hardly look like you've been pregnant.. Respect 😉

Jessica Rabbit says:

breastfeeding helps burn calories for most I lost all my weight after I stopped

Julie Quates says:

I'd love to hear more on how you helped prevent or heal pelvic floor muscles and diastisis recti. I have found that it's been so hard to get my stomach muscles back together and nervous about harming my pelvic floor muscles further through certain exercises.

Ah Yeah says:

What is your fiance's channel? I've been getting serious about fitness and would appreciate videos more geared toward men. That said, I enjoy your nutrition videos.

Ah Yeah says:

You look great. God bless your baby boy!

Kylie Eats says:

you look great!

Mr.E's Solve-It-Torium says:

Hey Sarah, I've lived watching your pregnancy fitness journey and you really inspire me. I am about 9 weeks pregnant, I was running consistently before finding out I was pregnant, but now I have no energy. I have a fairly active outside job, but I want to keep being healthy and active throughout my pregnancy. Do you have tips on combating fatigue or is an active job 'enough' of a workout for 1st and 2nd trimester women? (I'm a gardener -lots of lifting, bending, and walking).

Ezeb Wam says:

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Sehri Malik says:

I have been drinking an organic tea called mummy magic tea that helped me losing my post-pregnancy weight just in two months.

Elsaas Kumar says:

Move over green tea! (For me at least!) Although it boosts my metabolism it's not as effective as this one when it comes to weight loss. I gained faster results and each week I lose a pound. that's a significant improvement compared to just drinking Weight loss green store tea alone. Of course, include proper diet and regular exercise.

Jacqueline Henrick says:

I am very pleased with weight loss green store tea. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks without exercising. I have watch my diet as well and trying to decrease my carbons. I believe this product also has decreased my appetite. I would highly recommend this product and give it a try. I also have not gotten any side effects!!!

redloveballoon says:

You look great! Keep being kind to yourself and patient :)

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