My belly after two pregnancies

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You can´t tell I have loose skin when I stand normal or flex my abs. But it´s there like for most mommies out there, or if you lost a lot of weight. Regardless the reason you should embrace it because it come from a good thing.
*The first part is from last summer before I lost my belly fat.

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Lisa Vang says:

Thanks for posting that. It helps us mom's know what to expect. It's really helpful. You are my inspiration.

Annabelle Fireheart says:

When you push your tummy with your hands, are those also after you started working out or before? cuz I know pregnancy causes some tummy skin stretch that won't disappear completely, I was just curious because in some of the clips it didn't look like it was there.

Lena Lena says:

hello Malin, I had also diastas rectum but i went to surgery. they told me that i have to now and know when i saw ur youtube chanell im surr that that was a mistake. anyway your my inspiration, i am a mother of two and i beginn with workout. I need a few more pounds thats difrennt in my case 😀 and im very strugell to get them.
I just want to ask you how offten did you train your abs and can u make a video with the most effective abs workout?

thanks and i send u love from Switzerland:*

Naturalys 20 says:

what did you do for the extra skin? i have 4 months postparto, pregnant 76 kg, nowadays ,59 kg, before my weight 51 kg, i m working hard in the gym, you are my reference

Do It Like Doli says:

Loved seeing this, I'm on my fitness journey and frustrated because I have extra skin and wondering if I'm doing something wrong…but nice to see that even with a fit body it still exists on others!

Valerie H says:

Thank you for the inspiration! excited to start your meal plan and workout program!!

maria justice says:

Hey guys, anyone know where her leggings are from?? thanks!!

Daisy Santos says:

We get it girl your fit after your pregnancy can you show us workouts now lol

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