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Watch this incredible video of an MRI scan of an unborn baby moving in the womb and more scan videos over on the Channel Mum website here:
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Thanks to the iFind project and King’s College London for allowing Channel Mum to use this video, find out more about their work here:

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Kevin Fogarty says:

Wrong position for birth. Hope he moved

Brandurn Porchiga says:

Omg does freaking hurt?! I’m a dude so I wouldn’t know lol

Zara Shaikh says:

Cute moments in our lifes ❤️❤️❤️

Tyke sanchez says:

Is it a baby girl or boy cause I don’t know

ytzel zapatà says:

im 22 wks 3rd child she is moving so much, i thought there was somethig wrong lol but i guess is normal


The baby said cuz I I I'm in the stars tonight, so watch me bring the fire and set the night alight

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