Mouse Hunt

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Aaron’s Animals – Mouse Hunt

Prince Michael meets his new roommate, Toby.

Turn on Closed Captions for Prince Michael’s commentary.

Talent: Lorenzo, Nychelle, Biani Benitez, Erika Schindele, Sofia Franco, Stephanie Croy, Cazimir Milostan, Lexi Pasch, Laurie Winchenbaugh, Linsday, Aaron, Michelle.

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Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Jesse Haugen
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Aaron, SoKrispy, Kijeon
Production: Michelle, Micah, Lorenzo, Dylann Olivier, Monica, Biani


AaronsAnimals says:

Thanks for watching everyone! Turn on closed captions to watch with Michael's commentary.

VERA MON says:

Just when I thought they couldn't get better!

Aquoiboniste Aquoibon says:

ah, soooo cute.

Blue Dragon says:

Кто раша?


me gusta su gato soy spanish

Hh77uj Gg says:

All dislikes from dogs lovers

Joseph Zins says:

Love how cats can do a Rube Goldberg machine on a non-cartoon!

ImSomeRandomBoi says:

What has this cat been thru?

DarkGame 1337 says:

Alguém BR???

Silva Playz says:

wait did aaron bought a hamster???? or not bc it looks real?????

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