Mother’s Day vlog

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Amanda Vlogs says:

Honey, your face and brows be beat!!

Jess Jess Row Row says:

I am ur biggest fan on you tube and no offence but u talk very fast

Zina G says:

I love your Family♡♡♡♡♡ Perfect.

kaddyjatou kebbeh says:

Which part in UK are you guy's leaving

Troller Brain says:

love you family <3

Sunshine Rachael says:

Heheheh Marvy survived being grilled by #TeamNicky. Good job thx for treating your woman right. Bless you Happy mothers day

shooty pooty 411 says:

yes!!! Marvin, i knew you had it in you, if i'm a be honest i watched because of Nevaeh and subscribed because of Jordan. love the videos guys keep up the good work and mothers day in New Zealand is may 14th. Bless you Nikky and your sweet family

Dorothy Thompson says:

I was so scared I thought it was mother's day but 2 more months unit mother's day comes

Faith ski says:

awww that was so sweet he might forget your anniversary but at least he's thankful to know who the mother of his children is he loves you very much God bless you and your family

Jahla Pullum says:

wait today is not mothers day

Panesha akin diy says:

happy mother's day

Fun vlogs by Lani says:

I thought mothers day was in May I called my mom and said happy mothers day and felt stupid because she said today's not mothers day

Heavyn Rimschneider says:

happy mother's day

rebecca campbell says:

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart bmt xx

rebecca campbell says:

Jordan is so cute awwwww

fashion_is_me_93 says:

He Actually Speaks Faster Than You!…

Joy Israel says:

Happy mother day

Mariama Kabia says:

no you do not speak fast

RXNDX 123 says:

Next time go to the one in Croydon the que isn't that long most times

Lajoie Devivre says:

so cute jordan

reborn lover 109 says:

I love you guys your channel :)

Rabia Afzal says:

aaawwwww Jordans soooo cute!!! x

Eibhlin Oconnor says:

aw I knew neveah wud have to mention she never got pretzels after going to Westfield!! I've never been to Westfields but if I do I'm gonna get me a famous pretzel!!

Mariam Osoloye says:

you don't speak loud he is just crazy

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