MOM FIT | 20 Min Full Body Workout

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Get your kids to school or down for a nap because you only need 20 minutes for this guaranteed sweat! HUGE thanks to Simone ( for motivating us- we’ve been wanting (ahem, needing) to do this video for a while. Let us know what you think and if you want to see more! Xx

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Leslie Rae says:

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Jana-Nicole Laborte says:

And yes def more workout vids

Jana-Nicole Laborte says:

I am so meg. Lol.

Shivali Mohanty says:

I'm only 12 but I did it with you
Fell'in awesome

True Faith says:

Your work out osm

True Faith says:

You r great Simon

Laura E says:

Just sending a little thank you your way for this workout! I was prego when you published this, but kept it tuck away til after I was through postpartum. I've been doing it for about 2 months now, and I feel amazing! My hubby loves how toned I feel. I love that it only takes 20 min for a full workout! I have my three 3-and-under littles with (running around) me, and it's doable enough to sneak into our already full morning routine. One thing I noted was that after beginning other workout programs, the top of my thighs are often brutally sore (can't go down stairs), but this was the first time that the back of my thighs felt like they got a workout (hello, operation booty section). My thighs definitely need some attention there, so am happy with that. 😛 And you said to let you know, so YES, I'd love even more workouts from you guys!

Gigi Straccia says:

And then there's me sitting here on the sofa with a blanket eating chips and ice cream.

Jasmine Peplow says:

It's like a dance video

Anjan Behera says:

Excellent workout!

sydney campbell says:

I find this really helpful because I'm not a mom but I'm a gymnast and this helps me for days when I don't have practice, I can still stay in shape.

Alia Tomazic says:

I watched the day in the life for this

Alia Tomazic says:

I watched the day in ten life for this

Alia Tomazic says:

I watched the day in theater fe for this

Ashlyn Daul says:

I like how Elle has a baby monitor next to her

mlpcookies36 says:

Nobody's watching you. Except Meg.

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