Molding and Casting a Pregnant Torso Using Bodygel™ 880 Alginate

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The full torso kit produces a casting from the neck down to the hips. While not a beginner project, this kit is the easiest way to create a full torso casting.

Kit comes with all the materials a professional would use to make a torso cast. Procedure takes about 30 minutes of the models time and another 30 minutes of your time. The casting can be painted and displayed on a wall using the included hook.

00:00 – Materials Included in the Kit
00:30 – Other Materials Needed
00:48 – Preparation
01:33 – Making a Plaster Bandage Frame
02:50 – Making the Mold Using 880™ Alginate
04:43 – Making the Plaster Bandage Shell
05:50 – Removing the Alginate Mold from the Model
06:23 – Making the Reproduction Using Liquistone™
08:32 – Demolding the Liquistone™ Casting
09:20 – Repairing Imperfections in the Liquistone™ Casting

This kit comes with everything you’ll need except for water and a model:

One bag of BodyGel (880) Alginate- 1.6 pounds
Two bags of LiquiStone Casting Material- 5 pounds each
7 rolls of 4×5 plaster bandages
Metal hook for hanging finished sculpture
Plastic smock for protecting clothes
Complete illustrated instructions
The technique is basically:

Applying the alginate
Applying the plaster bandage shell
Removing the mold
Cast Liquistone Into the Mold
Demold and finish Liquistone Casting
It is best to have an assistant working with you when creating a mold of this size.

Adult Supervision Required
Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

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Lance Fulfer says:

Me and my fiance went for our 3D ultrasound this morning. Perfect that this video was uploaded now. Time to make a life cast!

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