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Comment below how many inches you think Abbie has grew! We were kinda shocked, things are going by fast and our baby boy will be here before we know it. Make sure to subscribe to follow our journey, we have so many fun videos coming the further along we get.

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Beauty By Erica says:

I always lock my door when someone gets out

Kyleigh Jacobs says:

Do a zoom call

grbrown09 says:

I lock the car doors too if I'm alone!

Sheila Rice says:

I love you guys I want to be you guys

Muhammad Asad says:

Where is the husband??

Milky Wave says:

Lol you werent the one to get her pregnant

Fiona O'Hagan says:

Abbie I have that same car jacking fear. So much so that I used to hide under the seat in the back of I was in the car alone

A Sea Cucumber says:

omg you guys are so fucking cute

like wtf…

Chelsea Newberry says:

I lock the doors when im alone in my car too.. safety first!

Smol Been says:

Been watching your channel since last December!

Tahira Schmidt says:

Take a good multi B vitamin! Take two! You want as much B vitamins as you can get. You'll have the calmest baby ever when they come out. You'll get lots of sleep! There are University studies on this if you Google it. It worked great for us and our son. He sleeps 12 hours a night.

S M says:

Best YouTube vlog intro

C. Ellis says:

You are not alone, Abbie. I always lock the door too <3

Serena Badali says:

Put something under the side of the tv and it will look better and you can feel better.

CharitysMama says:

We gave our girls what we call Grinders. Minty breath. You can get them at the vet

Leila Melendez says:

What about a virtual baby shower??

IMth atKID says:

We get it your lesbian

K C says:

I do the locking the doors thing too. (I subscribed/turned on my notifications!)

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