Maternity Mondays Special – Third Trimester Pregnancy Abdominal Massage

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Third trimester pregnancy abdominal massage with Christine Sutherland featuring Geoff and Lisa. Starting on page 77 see Christine’s book “Birthing in Good Hands” for more details on the massage techniques in the video.

Birthing in Good Hands – Holistic Massage for Pregnancy, Labor, and Babies, is now available as a print and ebook from all major retailers!

Christine Sutherland, co-founder of the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic, teaches the basics of prenatal massage for healthy pregnancies. Use the healing power of touch for a healthier, happier pregnancy. Hundreds of photos and illustrations clearly illustrate techniques that even beginners can master. Christine also includes real-life stories that showcase how the power of massage helped women through their own pregnancy journeys.

If your partner or loved one is expecting, this book is for you.

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Kristina Aminova says:

Hi I am 7 months pregnant and I would really like to come can you please give me your number to schedule an appointment thank you

BJ says:

This looks amazing! I am learning some new tricks for my mommy’s to be and I think they will love this! Thank you! More videos would be great!

MissE says:

She shouldn’t be lying flat on her back at any point due to risk of maternal hypotension and hence fetal heart rate abnormalities.

Emma Lemon says:

I’m 8 months pregnant & this has got to be the best pregnancy massage video I’ve found so far! Sending it to my husband now lol

Sunita Devi says:

Learned a lot from this !!!

Rana Saeedi says:

How can I take this training?!!!

Vicky Suarez says:

Awesome video

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