Marriage and Parenting Advice? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Seriously … isn’t it weird that a married couple came onto my show to ask about marriage and parenting? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A segment of The TFM Show (3/17/2017)
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chuck fults says:

TFM has said it in many videos! divide and conquer! Keep all of us fighting with each other! George Carlin,god rest his soul said it many times! IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!!! We lost one of the assholes a few days ago,101yr old David Rockefeller! THANK FUCKIN GOD! He's a very good start! Lets hope it happens in 3's like movie stars????

None says:

You helped these people understand but your advice was poor.

The number one thing parents need to know is that marrying young and as a virgin (at least for the women) is overwhelmingly important. Their daughter will soon start riding the cock carousal. If she does, even once, she likely will lose the ability to bond with a man and forever afterward will be consigned to degrading disposable relationships. At her age, she can basically have any man she wants. So pick the best one and commit.

Because by age 25,she will have to settle for second rate. By age 30, if she's ever used The Pill, she will be sterile and will soon hit the wall.

What you say about the man sticking around until government lets them off is a half truth. More women end their marriages then not, for stupid reasons that amount to they never bonded with the guy in the first place and now want to spread their legs to someone random. Very rarely, they siphon off cash from the man. Most likely, BOTH end up impoverished because what was fine for one home cannot support two. By contrast women who marry as virgins almost always make it…why. A biological based bonding method. An OBVIOUS K vs r strategy advantage. Money, status, security, happiness…all flow out of the K, for both society and individual. But you have to choose and once you go r, there is no going back for women and many men.

For their son, the third world is a great source of such women and they are on top of the food chain. Often, such countries have a tiered social system and a white American man who is young can often have his pick of their educated elite women, many of whom have lots of money. He will prolly do it anyway in his 50s after a failed marriage or two….why wait.

Uncle Timo says:

Woman: Love that man gives perfect balance to myself, the woman.
Duh, welcome to nature.
Cultural marxists are literally fighting against human nature (the good parts – they love everything bad, evil, pedophile, ugly and criminal and promote that to make our societies fall).

Uncle Timo says:

E x a c t l y
Men and women are not equal. Different races are not equal (some are better at certain things than others, have different sets of innate diseases, etc).

Kyle Spence says:

Seems like a really self aware family. I'm impressed.

SuperDagod1 says:

I think he should do more audio conversations like this with families.

Winters Flames says:

The sky is not blue. The sky is black. Our perception if blue is an illusion. We simply see the scattering of white light on a black sky and the most common wavelength in that scattered light is in the blue spectrum. Still, to be clear, the sky is always black.

I didn't want to be that primate, but I couldn't help myself. Blue skies are fiction, like the patriarchy.

Adam Kaczor says:

Didn't they say the oldest son was already watching this channel? It's only natural that they would want to "go to the source" so they can better understand and advise their son.

I mean, they didn't really believe anything you said applied to them. They seemed to acknowledge it could apply to other women though. They need to know how to weave your information into their parenting conversation with the oldest. They probably were talking to him and obviously running into a brick wall, so they needed to talk to you to figure out what key they need to try and reverse some of what you told him through your content.

Palace Of Wisdom says:

Note the part where the red pill wife/mother still says she wants her daughter to reap the advantages the world gives to women. She sees the problem, knows women benefit at men's expense, and has no intention of teaching her progeny not to do it. That girl will be as exploitative as any other.

matt study says:

TFM you should do a video on this. They're feeling it in South Korea.


How I wish the girl I am going on a date on friday with would be like this!!!

Eye on the Church Militia says:

you said you wanted to do call in shows Molyneux style. be careful what you wish for.

Jeremy ClarksonFan says:

I have yet to witness a woman jumping in front of a bullet for a man, and no, TV shows like Sherlock don't count. It is not in the female nature to sacrifice for the husband. For the children maybe, but not for the spouse.

Daniel douglas says:

Hey turd flinging monkey, this is random but do you like aqualeo? If you don't know them then go listen to true god flow. I need your opinion

Lurch USA says:

Nailed it with the SHTF scenario. There will be a LOT of black women, who are going to be totally screwed when it happens.

gt350r 5.2 says:

TFM can you make a response vid to this shirtless clown?

Recovering Mangina says:

She never answered the question about her son's marrying and the guy is not in recovery; he is a mangina that thinks he has an AWALT.

Globalization in Question says:

@13:28 jup exactly

Tactical Droid says:

Marriage and parenting advice: Don't.

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