Maroon 5 – Wait

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Wait. (C) 2018 Interscope Records


Rahul.Rohit.DubeyR15ier says:

Masterpiece after cold…!!!

Paul Louis says:

this song is so fire

Keshava Seukaran says:

how a woman unravels a mans life lol



good song tho

Teagan Forbes says:

I listen to this song 1 time and I know all the words

84Impulse says:

anyone know if this was done in AfterAffects? especially the last scene where he's unraveled by string? Pretty Awesome!

CG noob says:

at 2:36 i fell for her…..just hit my heart

G 6 says:

Why does everyone understand this video?? I don't get it; though it's aesthetic.

Dillon Shifflett says:

best song hes done i think keep it up

20cher09 says:

Kyle and Michelle Do Not get Anything!!! They are both a couple of Sloths!!!

Hello Help me says:

Well. That was interesting.

Kohai G says:

Just wait… can we work this out? Can we work this out?…

Bynaya Estela Larisaa says:

that girl is that girl have play in Percy Jackson Movie

Aneil Daryanani says:


Phuwadon Kangwan says:


Myazaria Vielot says:

No lie. I at least watched this at least 56 through 126 times. I was late for school. My bus comes at 7:00 and the night before i put a playlist of 18 replays of this song and a one hour playlist. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to replay it. I'm so obsessed. I felt sick in the stomach and depressed. Because I didn't watch this video in the last 13 minutes. I found out about this song on Wednesday. I love this song and mostly the video so much. I don't know how to explain.

Jasmine Ridzwan says:

I know that girl i have seen that girl at when we first met

João Pereira pereira says:

Quem é brasileiro curti ai nigga

tenorbuds says:

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