Managing Pain During Labor without Medication

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Tammy Ferney, RN and Clinical Educator at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, shares her tips for managing your pain during labor without the use of drugs. Her advice includes walking, breathing techniques, massage, aromatherapy and using a birthing ball.


Yasmine Likely says:

Its alot of women that want to try the non medication route with labor. This video was a very good way to show how that can happen. #birthinglittlehumans


This was hard but did it I'm doing this again no meds to my baby.

Yaganah isa says:

What if you don't have all these tools?

Maryam Lawal says:


The Mandinka Family says:

I cant see the type of back massages.

Sarah W. says:

I used the tub to relieve the back pressure and hope to do it again with my third.

Donah Obarco says:

It scares me now im currently 27 weeks pregnant

love allah says:

The most beautiful feeling

En Vanlig Dag says:

I need the drugs…

Dipuo Mohlala says:

I am pregnant l can sleep anymore l am not enjoy sleeping anymore

Selene Spivak says:

Read Birth Without Fear

Ma Luisa Baraquia says:

4 weeks to go!!dont know what will be the situation on that day,,just hoping and praying both of us will be safe and ok…first time mom,i dont have any idea how to handle so much pain,,scared and nervous but so excited also to see my girl!!!

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