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Officers engage in a high-speed car chase resulting in the car wrecking out and overturning on the side of the road in this clip from “1.3.19”. #LivePD

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ASMR soothing says:

how he gon put his hands up when his car just rolled to the side and he’s inside of it still

L-is-Tired ? says:

"She's wanted for armed robbery"


Me: she won't be able to rob anyone with those arms anymore…

DanielPlayz says:

I took a picture with a Los Angeles police officer

scottystiffchicken says:

Again Not Latino!

Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning says:

Ironic, armed robbery aha

Robert Boldoranov says:

She got injury to the arm, and she's wanted for ARMed robbery

eminorud1 says:

Dont you just hit x to the flip the warthog???

jetter820 says:

Quite a difference the way they removed the men and the woman from that car, wasn't there now.

WD Fourty says:

We should contribute and give back to the world. Start feeding criminals like this to the sharks and ocean life… The Circle of life!

Andrew Burns says:

Weak. I saw a smaller group of high school kids flip an explorer before

scott franklin says:

Oh and go to bond court and we'll see you on the street again next week. Happens all the time.

JINOV says:

they hate the police but sure want help when they need it

Papa Burgundy says:

That last lady was the ringleader. She had her whole act ready and rehearsed while the other two were being pulled out lol

DJ Zee says:

I want to sample that "Put your hands up" and play it at my gigs lol

Krzysztof Molak says:

Danzel Brought Me Here

Red Rocker says:

Yeah, hands up dude, we get it.

Katie DeVore says:

Love how if this was a regular wreck with no criminal activity involved, they would wait till ambulance got there to extract the people. As you can see they couldn't care less if someone here is seriously injured and gets even more injured from the cops literally throwing and dragging them from the car. Like wtf. Criminals are people too.

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