Live Birth: Epidural

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An epidural eases labor pain by numbing the lower body. Watch one laboring mom get the procedure done.

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KTM Chris says:

My wife gives birth in a month. Im watching this to desensitize myself. Lord help me.

I can hear it CALLING says:

Um okay imma stay single

Manjeet Kaur says:

Salute to all moms:

Fran Darby says:

Wow the vagina sure can STRETCH!!!! It is amazing, and woah I am not prepared.

Ms Ms says:

هاي شلون يشوفه رجله

Wiebkes Weg says:

I don't get it why moms in the US have to give birth laying on their backs … no wonder a lot of them Tear…

J says:

Back to normal!? No hematoma!? Good for her


Chúc mừng bạn nhé

Lavanya Kukkala says:

U looking like normal u don't get pains

Liz Massell says:

A friend of mine had her son yrs and yrs ago and said she screamed but it wasn't so much out of pain. It was fear and that she could feel herself stretching. I had a c section with my son so I have no idea was actual labor feels like.

Kristin Barta says:

Wel that solidified it. I will be having a planned Cesarean.

Sydney Nicole says:

I’m scared

Da Playful pigeon says:

3:30 ayo can someone turn off the heater

daniella c says:

that must be painful

Amit Kumar Chawariya says:

Salute all moms. Moms always very brave

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