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During a Vaginal Delivery (Normal Delivery), there are 3 important stages of Labor and delivery child birth. The beginning of cervical contraction: During this stage, try not to panic about what is about to come. This stage lasts for about 3-4 hrs. Contractions will last from 30-60secs and appear 3-5 minutes apart.
Vaginal delivery of the baby: This stage lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hrs. Cervix is fully dilated and doctor will start asking you to push the baby in this stage. There is a chance of nausea and vomiting at this stage. Do not panic. Remember that every movement counts in this stage and ask your nurse and doctor to guide to breathe and push.
Pushing the placenta out of the uterus: This is the phase after the child birth. The umbilical cord is cut and small contractions help in pushing the placenta out of the uterus. This stage lasts about 5-10 minutes.

The video is an informative animated presentation of how the process of labor and delivery happens. During a vaginal child birth, the first stage of labor lasts for 12-19 hours and starts when the baby settles lower into the pelvis. In response, the cervix begins to efface or become thinner, and dilate or widen. During this time, the mother may feel strong, regular contractions occurring every 5-20 minutes, a lower back pain and cramping that doesn’t go away. At the beginning of stage 2 of labor, which usually lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hours, the cervix is fully dilated to 10 centimeters, and the baby’s head has moved beyond the cervical opening and into the birth canal. When the top of the baby’s head appears or crowns, the doctor may make a small cut called the episiotomy, to enlarge the vaginal opening. The doctor will then give the mother advice and assistance in pushing the baby out.

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Brandon Perez says:

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that-one-obsessed- girl says:

Shit my vagina hurts just from watching this

Dr Zenko Bilas says:

Superb video. Thank you. Vagina, the Latin for scabbard or sheath for a man's sword, is now seen as an illogical name, a relic from Roman times, when a woman was seen as not a full man- no testicles (women have ovaries inside their tummies, both men and women have two gonads), so the argument that as a woman has a bit missing (no testicles) and therefore not a full man, so she can not testify (origins being testicles) against a man in a court of law, is flawed -woman has no bits missing. Baby coming out of a sheath is non-sense, likewise, a woman has a sheath (a vagina) and a man has to put on a sheath (condom) to prevent conception and transmission of sexually acquired disease is scientifically unsound, unacceptable to the autistic. The largest 'object' to pass through this corridor is 'baby', without the Birth Canal, the human race would be extinct, its most important function is ensuring the continuation of the human race, as a Birth Canal for baby and not primarily for the pleasure of men – sheath for a man's sword – a vagina. Man and woman are equal according to the Quran and The Bible, so the term is insulting to the Muslim, the Jew and the Christian, as The Holy Scriptures say man and woman are equal. Birth Canal please. Otherwise excellent. Thank you.

DJ Jones says:

This is partly why I'm choosing a cesarian section. C section having my stomach cut over having my vagina ripped all the way to my asshole any day haha. And for those women who claim their vaginas are as tight as before vaginally delivering- I CAN PROMISE YOU YOUR PUSSY WAS TIGHTER BEFORE U PUSHED A SMALL WATERMELON SIZED BABY THRU IT AND POSSIBLY HAD IT TORN TO YOU ASSHOLE!!! women who haven't given birth almost guaranteed have tighter vaginas than women who have given birth. IT'S A FACT DON'T EVEN TRY ARGUING

Lineth Gonzalez says:

This type of videos make me want like 7 children but at the same time spend the rest of my life as a cat lady

Wizfan says:

I wanna have 4 kids but after this video I don’t think so

Nightshade says:

Now I see C-section is the only option.

kitten Angel says:

Ouch that sounds like that hurts

santo mon says:

ay jonnoy ma ra ato dami

Daisy Princess says:

I’m never giving birth

Herowebcomics says:

A good play by play of what happens during birth!

Ashley Perez says:

Here I am, Junior year in high school

13 years later I hope to be an
obstetrician Gynecologist

I 'll give you guys an update after I have completed my dream…WISH ME LUCK GUYS

Sophie Somm says:

It’s amazing how birth works

Mariya Damyanova says:

oh man i really don't want to have a baby anymore i don't want my vagina to be cut open! MY QUESTION IS: does it hurt when you're pushing the baby out?

that one random person says:

I was a Cl section

N. K. Sahu says:

Bahut hi badhiya margdarsan
To good

GoldenAge says:

I think childbirth is an amazing process… the fact that our bodies can do that! But this video made me feel extremely nauseous. My body is telling me, "No. We're not doing that, ever."

Pandolia Braziliano says:

You must knew how your mama got much pain to bring you to this life.. it's like dying for u to live then when she hear your voice she become to life again.

dheeraj singhal says:


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