Kids Change Their Baby Brother’s Diaper!

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Bailey and Jacob change their new baby brother’s diaper! Bailey finds the tiniest little lizard ever and the kids play Sardines with their dad. Parker spills his smoothie in the car and Jessica gives an update on Duncan’s rash.

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The1stephie says:


Rene Briffa says:


Everything Random with RYLEIGH says:

When I saw Duncan I saw a tooth

Karina Khindri says:

Who else thinks Bailey should get her ears pierced!!!! It would look so nice with all of her dresses, but of course only if she is up to it

Lior May says:

I don't get how anybody dislikes these …

Bethan Botterill says:

Sardines was legit the best game ever

SoccerGirl 06 says:

Oh my gosh my sister literally JUST played "Sardines" with her friends

brittany nelson says:

Lmao "I smell something. It's babies. No it's that(points to diaper)"

brittany nelson says:

Lol i love the way when parker explains/ defends himself he says "um excuse me"

Heather Campuzano says:

Jessica! I sell LipSense® / SeneGence®, too!
I understand loyalty to your friend's business, but hit me up if you need anything!

Flaui says:

Holy smokes. Baley and Jacob can take better care of a newborn than me, a 26 year old.

Dean Hunter says:

it would be great to watch the kids change a diaper from start to finish see how they get on Lol but they seem very loving of there Baby brother

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