John Adams- Posterity

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Robertz1986 says:

It's worth noting they died on the same day… which happened to be the 50th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence… July 4th, 1826

Nuar Gladstein (LittleDesertFlower) says:

I jst adore their correspondence.. And those two men.. And this whole, incredibly well-produced, HBO series in general. — Love love love it!!!

Shiral Boone says:

The letters between friends Thomas Jefferson and John Adams .   These two men died on July 4th the same day … of the same year.. Amazing men of faith and foresight. 

Thrilla Whale says:

Aw man….that was just too beautiful

wcottee says:

to spike1138:…"is it the fourth?"

BGtheDinoMan says:

@jman12725 I agree, although when Adams was president and Jefferson was his vice, their friendship really kinda tore apart. They hardly ever spoke or did anything. And they both died on the exact same day, exactly fifty years after the Declaration of Independence was ratified.

spike1138 says:

Thomas Jefferson survives.

donaldnewton58 says:

@jman12725 Well there is a similiar case. 1992, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, beat President George H.W. Bush, a Republican for the Presidency. Today both former Presidents are good friends.

mgwilliams1000 says:

The use of language in their speech and writings was so profound and powerful. Today it is a simple text that really makes no sense when you read it…. not to mention the free use of profanity. Their writings and their letters almost seem to be a lost part of our exsistence today…..sigh…..

TheMethadoneParty says:

@smoky90210 hear hear!

Emma Curry-Stodder says:

"…and to ascend to an ecstatic meeting with the friends we have loved and lost and whom we shall still love and never lose again."


jman12725 says:

The best scene in the entire series. It really shows that despite their differences – aristocrat vs. farmer, slavery vs. manual labor, university vs. technological – these two brilliant men, Founding Fathers of what would become the most powerful nation of all time, could still find room amidst all the politics to like each other. If only people could still do that. And even if people could do that in this day and age, they couldn't do it with this eloquence. Bravo, Adams & Jefferson.

Luis F. Gomez says:

Is it fair to say that Thomas Jefferson may have been the closest person we have had in America to da Vinci?

googlexxxxxxx says:

Ha Ha
Well said!

arthurlandrycf says:

this is one of the most well done scenes i have ever seen on TV or the movies- no action- but so deep- amazing

sawzaw203 says:

What a tremendous exchange of words between to people! It's unfortunate how nobody speaks like that anymore or acts towards each other in such a manner. Thanks for the posting!! 5 Stars all day!!

Geovani v says:

Thanks for posting the ones you've posted. Great series. Do you think you can post the scene in the second to last episode where John Adams is arguing with Washington's cabinet members and then proceeds to fire them and also the scene where Jefferson and Adams die? I would greatly appreciate it.

EverythingAustin says:

You cannot change a bromance like that.

cranky1chick says:

What has been published of the Adams-Jefferson correspondence is excellent to read. I'm glad the series paid homage to their great rivalry/friendship and showed the mellowing of both as their correspondence grew later in life.

Rosana Wan says:

This is one of my favorite scene of the whole John Adams miniseries. Both men came together and put behind their differences to share their interest the future of the new nation.

Rick Grimes says:

pretty gutsy for Adams to make the first move, after all those years of silence

michaelandcarina bethea says:

It's based on the accent of his ancestors. They had lived in Virginia for less than a century; he is speaking a sort of proto-southern accent. To think that the English accent transformed into the mottled, Scotch-Irish drawl (that it did evolve into in following generations) in a mere century is silly. 😛

Jeff Loveness says:

"Your friend, Thomas Jefferson."

Roger Smith says:

I agree with you both and merely stating so.

I will add nothing else, but my affirmation, and in that, nothing more can be said.

Bobsuruncle Mum says:

his accent, i;m glad you noticed that too. 😛 ugh

William Craig says:

I'm not nuts about much of Paul Giamatti's performance – not as large as I would have expected Adams' personality to be. But I thought he became very convincing playing Adams as an older man.
And Jefferson is fantastic, though I'm confused as to why he speaks with a Cornwall accent.

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