Is Your Baby Bump a Healthy Size?

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Karen Cooper, DO, Cleveland Clinic maternal weight management expert, explains why there’s no connection between the size of your baby bump and the health of your growing baby.

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Anna Drake says:

Im 11 weeks 4 days and have no bump at all I cannot even feel a knot where it would be growing. This is my 2nd pregnancy but i don't remember what my belly looked like before at this stage

val val says:

I’m six months pregnant and not showing AT ALL I barely look bloated

Jena Louise Mercado says:

I get the opposite comments on my 3rd baby bump.People would say my baby bump is too pointed and too big…and sometimes it's really frustrating to hear that..cuz i always pray I would deliver baby #3 the normal way like my 1st two.

Wanda Metcalf says:

This is my third baby. Throughout my whole pregnancy everywhere I go everyone keeps saying,"She's not really pregnant. She's just fat." Honestly, I thought that my weight was quite normal and common. Definitely, much more than my first and second even. It's just really worrisome when you are expecting to hear such negative comments.

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