Is There Ever A Right Time To Have A Baby? | The Seven Ages of Pregnancy (Full Documentary)

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Cherry Healey’s life couldn’t have been better, her TV career was taking off, she landed herself a great flat and a cool boyfriend. She was the happiest 27 year old she knew. Then she found out she was pregnant

This was NOT part of her life plan. But this got her thinking “Is there ever a right time to have a baby?” With just 7 weeks to go before she drops, Cherry is off to find the answer. She’s going to meet seven pregnant women all at very different stages of their lives – the 15 year old school girl mum, the high flier with a C –section scheduled into her Blackberry, the desperate 40-something IVF patient – all of who will hopefully help her understand the fundamental change she is about to go through from young, free and single to somebody’s mum.

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Sam LSD says:

What's with Dr. House music?

Anon x says:

life is a gift, regardless if it is unplanned or planned. I suffer from infertility, and I know the chances of me naturally conceiving are slim, but I'm sure these women will be wonderful moms and love their children unconditionally.

BaCoN!!! Is Me says:

My mum had me when she was 20. When she told her mum she just when home and said, practically over the dinner table, and said, hey mum, I'm pregnant… That was it…

Ninjagirl says:

28 is not too young to have a baby. my mum had me when she was 25

Paige Vorster says:

My mom had me at 20

BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace. says:

my first baby. I was 16. last time I was 41 my grams was 50 last childbirth

heavenly skys says:

how WAs it a massive massive shock. if your having sex then pregnancy many times is a symptom of it

Hamiltrash says:

My mom was 28 when she had me and now I'm 13, at my school that's old. my cousin was 19 when she had her first and ppl judge her for it. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a baby young, as long as you can take care of it

Little Lovee says:

I'm 23, married, with two children under the age of two, and where I live, I STILL feel the judgement

Jillian Michelle says:

Haha when the host was like it will cost 10,0000 lbs to give birth in that fancy hospital I was like damn that's a good price I would pay that. But then again I live in the US were birth in a regular hospital costs about that much anyways. I forget the brits have good health care…

Lee Readman says:

great look at the most normal thing in life everyone is differant but when that tiny face looks at you for a split second time stop tfs

Charlotte Victoria Beeden says:

I'm 15 and couldn't even dream of being pregnant. I actually have a lot of admiration for that girl and hope that she raises her child well and she is fully supported by our healthcare system for her mental health, as it can be hugely affected by having a child so young. Xx

Kristiana Princess says:

it don't matter how old you are it's how responsible

Emma Loo, van says:

I'm 13 and my mother is 53 you can do the math.

MaddieVlogs Gaming says:

Here's a random fact every 2 or 3 weeks there's a miscarriage

Amber Dennis says:

I am a 22 yr old virgin. I want to get married and have my 1st baby around age 28. I think any woman getting pregnant after age 34 is too old.

Hey Arnold says:

Is there a right age to have a baby the answer is yes where your able to support yourself and child / living on your own having a stable job being mature and able to love someone more than you love yourself

MysticMagicPlayer 101 says:

my mother was considered high risk when she was pregnant with me she was 38

kiaora224 says:

Ive had 4 children, didn't crap myself with any of them during labour. My body started to clean itself out a few days before, lucky

Nancy DiSciullo says:

my mum didn't have me until 37

Jamie Lowbridge says:

Have children is just not in my life plan any more. I am disabled and couldn't imagine a child having a disabled mum. I'm 27 and until recently I really wanted children but I always worried about their future but now I'm getting older I'm more accepting of the fact that having no children in my life would be a positive thing.

Tonya Foltz says:

my mum was 28 when she had me and now I'm Almost 11

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