Is it Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

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Is it bad to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?

That does get to be a challenge after the sixth month.

I know it can be hard to do. I wanted to know if it was bad to do.

You won’t squish the kid sleeping on your stomach in your first or even second trimester. When your body makes you feel like a beached whale, you’ll have trouble sleeping on your stomach.

Yet sleeping on my back hurts my back.

Part of that is all the weight that is focused on the small of the back. If you really want to sleep on your stomach, you can get one of those body pillows with a big hole in the middle that lets you do so.

That’s going to have a high price tag and short term use.

So get a body pillow that lets you sleep on your side, providing back support and neck support. You can use it as a floor cushion or kid pillow later on.

I was told that you could actually hurt the kid sleeping on your stomach.

You are not going to squish the kid and injure it, if laying on your stomach in the first trimester or two – there’s all that amniotic fluid. In the third trimester, in theory it could press on the kid, but you’ll be uncomfortable well before that point.

I wonder where all the advice comes from.

Newborns are not supposed to sleep on their stomachs, because they cannot turn their heads if the face in the mattress results in an air pocket full of CO2. Older babies can turn their heads.

Or just turn over.

A baby that can roll over onto its stomach can decide to roll onto its back, too.

I cannot roll onto my stomach, unless it is a really deflated air bed or semi-filled water bed.

Then you should not be sleeping on your stomach without support. Do not worry, you’ll be able to do that after you have the baby.

In two hour increments.

And six months after that, both of you can sleep on your stomach morning, noon and night.

Typically just through the night.

You’ll be lucky to have just one 2 AM alarm clock screaming you awake at night. Trust me, you’ll want to lay down on your stomach while the kid is and catch up at sleep at nap time.

I’ll put the kid down on his back.

Yeah, but he’ll fall asleep on his stomach half the time just conking out crawling up to a cool new toy.


Candace Alford says:

Duh the kid would get squished

Aloha Rose says:

"the kid"

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