I’m not your friend, kid! (Because I love you.)

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ainemistig says:

YES! That's RIGHT! All the way to the ice cream! Thank you!

Colin Spivey says:

Parents need to guide their children and show them the right direction in life, otherwise they won't have guidance. If you are a boxing trainer, you need to show the people learning under you the right things to do. Otherwise, they will lose the fight or even worse get hurt in some way. The same with parenting, if kids don't have guidance they will go in the wrong direction.

RantCity says:

Youre a smart parents unlike most parents. True story..my mom was my friend until my first younger brother was born. Then, she was my younger brothers friend until my second younger was born and then she was a friend to my second younger until my baby brother was born. Obviously she shows the baby favoritism. Now that my baby brother is 21, now she tries to be his parent. Now all three brothers are irresponsible individuals. My mom still trys to be my parent and I'm 31 and still in college.

WhiteRaven696 says:

I personally believe there can be a balance. Be your kid's friend so that they can confide in you and value what you say, but also be clear and steadfast in discipline. But everyone parents differently. lol I haven't had kids yet, but I'd love to find a balance.

Jacob Doyon says:

Why don't you be somewhere in the middle? I mean I can defiantly see where you're coming from, You don't want your kids to take advantage of you for the rest of your life I get that, But like it comes across as borderline "Raise your kids so they move out and you don't have to deal with them anymore" I've seen both sides of it, My mom raised me in the middle, She said "Let's go to the movies and just hang out" when I was little, Then said "Now when you're an adult this costs money", When I was extremely upset, She'd talk me through it and teach me reasoning, not just leave me alone, that's abuse in my opinion (To a point), Now I have my own truck I bought my self and pay insurance on, my own phone which I bought and pay for ( IPhone btw) and am going off To college for mechanical engineering, And have a job at an engineering company already, And after all that I totally can go to my mom for help if I ever needed it with out having to worry about the whole "You're an adult, figure it out" while she's eating ice cream and ignoring it, Meat in the middle, it's almost always the best option

kjoypatterson says:

I have to tell you, on days that suck, I love rewatching this video. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

Bodies After Babies says:

This is so much awesomeness lol. I burst our laughing when the wine went in with the ice cream. So much yessssssss…. Time to go out and get my own pint of ice cream, chocolate and as much wine as possible lol. I have a toddler and a teenager! Whew!

Adernn Nider says:

About a year ago someone was chit chatting how their son /daughter is their 'BESTTTTTTTT friend!' 'We are sooooooo close, oh my G*d.' She's going on. I couldn't contain myself and tried to say in effect ….. I'm sooooooooo close to my daughter, too, but we are NOT FRIENDS!!!!!! I'm the mother!!! She's the daughter. This is an important and easy distinction but many don't get it. Greattttt video.

GirlBoyFoodBaby by Deepa Devlukia says:

Great message xxx

OldLinion says:

The only time a mother should be best friend's with her kid is in Gilmore Girls.

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