i became a TAXI DRIVER

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woo very epic taxi driving memes

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calvin hickey says:

I'm heeeeerrrrre for u

atef elnady says:

What were you guys trying to do when you let him go to the ⛈

Jackson Kelley says:

I am S P E E D

Aaron E says:

You are the only acceptable fortnite YouTuber. If anyone disagrees, run em over.

Galaxy eyes King says:

The return of the taxi

Squdy 09 says:

I think this is the best video I’ve seen on YouTube

Jeff Jeffry says:

Why did he get a strike?

Turtule mastercraft -roblox shorts says:

Yes it was annoying

Nathan Currie says:

What happens if a marauder wins a game? Please like this so he can see it!!

PodiatricMonkey says:

He either never changes clothes or has multiple of the same sweatshirt like a cartoon character.
Edit: Or he records 24/7 and makes 5 different videos a day

Filip ShadowYT says:

Eye Lazer wait for me I need to go to PP pls

Anna Stewart says:

Fort nite the floor is lava

MarioBrayden says:

Mate, you forgot to build the covered bridges. And you didn’t die, are you……a hacker?

X6kr says:

reason i stopped playing fortnite

people like this 2:07

clxudyxdays says:

Who else tried this then got banned for teaming

Nick says:

LazarBeam: You’re getting zero star review. Me: wondering why he rates his passengers

Pasicci says:

I got into a cab the other day with a dummy driver… lol, that might have been you?

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