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Having a baby can be expensive… But there are ways to prepare yourself financially for this big life change. My husband, Jacob, and I were recently pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage. We prepared financially for this baby for the last few years. And while we’re not yet pregnant, we’ve still been working on things to prepare ourselves financially for the hopeful day that we’ll get to have kids.

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justin8771 says:

Yes I told my fiancé I want a house before we have a baby just because I want to give them the life I didn’t have so I want to be financially stable before bringing another person into this world for one number two I also would like to save at least 100 thousand before having a child plus at least a 20 thousand dollar emergency fund for any un foreseen expenses or anything but I’m glad I came across this channel because there’s many things I want to get take care of in my life before I bring another human being into this world glad people are planning for the future instead of jumping into it

Nachannachle says:

So sorry about your miscarriage. >__<
I am glad you used this experience to share your insights on Youtube. :)

Jessica Manohar says:

Yup this is a great video for someone with less than $200k in student loans. $80k is a dream for us now.

Shawn Warnick says:

My wife and I are 27 and we pretty much started our careers off with 400k in student loan debt… flipping sucks. Also we live in a rather expensive area (lowest rents are 1700). I'm so thankful we make 150k and we use about 3200 a month to pay off this debt. It is insane to think what we can afford once this 400k is gone. We want to have children but know we cannot afford a house and these loans at the same time. Really cheap houses are about 325k here. NUTS… We moved here from a place where very very nice homes were that price so it's a little culture shock at what people pay here between DC and Baltimore. I would love to move back to Delaware if there were jobs there… She is a Pharmacist and i'm an assistant meat manager at a grocery store. It is a highly concentrated area of pharmacists here and it took her 4 months to find something after she graduated. Luckily I got a promotion moving here but it is not making up for the god awful cost of living. Our rent use to bee 1100, now its 1750 for a smaller place. Can't wait to move to a cheaper area.

ssarabia 212 says:

I love you optimism and openness with sharing your personal goals. So nice to know I’m not the only one that thinks like that!

Shanna Noel says:

I remember how badly I wanted to stay home, after our second child was born. Prior, I thought I'd go back to work, and had everything set up and "planned" to do so. There was something about having my second child, and seeing how quickly the time passed with my first, that really tugged at my heart. I ended up quitting my job, and following that "tug". Having said all of that, it's amazing how we were able to work all of that out, and for a brief season, (it flies by), we had to stop working on several of our long term financial priorities, to take care of our present situation. That was five years ago, and I have since gone back to work part-time and we're back to working on those long term financial priorities. I don't regret that decision, at all. I say all of this to tell you that after watching your videos, I feel like you are wise beyond your years, and when the time comes, you and your husband will know exactly how to make this work for that season. You're already steps ahead of so many people, in that you're planning and preparing for this upcoming season. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

ssarabia 212 says:

We bought a house before having a baby. I would recommend breastfeeding as long as you can because formula is expensive!

April S says:

Wait until after 20 weeks that still gives you a lot of time to get ready. Honestly so much about parenting is go with the flow and seems like personally for me it was less planning is more. Of course life insurance and saving money for out of pocket L&D expenses are super important but the more flexible and less stressed you are about the money the better. I am a planner and type A and after 3 kids I have learned that you will always have what you need when you need it. Planning is awesome but stay flexible and don't plan so much you don't enjoy what's happening. Babies and kids are cheap thankfully they don't need much to be happy and healthy!

LoneRanger says:

You are a true inspiration and you are doing it right. Never forget that. God bless you both.

nina marie says:

Thank you for being so open with your life. We are going to start trying for our first child next February and this video is super helpful! Seeing youtubers like yourself talk about your miscarriage made me realize it is common. I talked to some of my friends and was surprised a few of them had gone through the same. Best wishes to you and your husband.

Robin J Beck says:

I just started watching your channel and i Love it❤️keep up the work with the videos❤️

Liz M says:

Do you plan to budget for childcare since you said you have to keep working? That's my biggest hurdle right now!

Eudora Jones says:

Also Xi Xian Cao tea to help with healthy pregancy.❤

Eudora Jones says:

Great video !!! I heard alot about a vitamin that is wonderful for conceiving called : Serrapeptase by Doctors Choice brand. You may want to.look into.

Rachael Lyn says:

I don't have any children, but I am an elementary teacher and I hear so many different views. I hear that children are incredibly expensive and I've also heard that children are not expensive at all and only add minimally to their household finances. This may sound confusing, but honestly, I think this tells me that children CAN be expensive, and as long as the children are healthy and do not have many special needs, children are only expensive if you allow them to be. Just like eating out and going on vacation can be expensive, but only if you allow it to be. I might get some hate on comparing kids to those things, but it's just a comparison to put things in perspective. Of course there are possibilities that could increase costs if a child has health problems or other special needs, so you do need to plan for just in case, but as far as generally, I think kids are only expensive if you allow them to be.

Grow the Piggy Bank says:

Thx for sharing marissa! It’s funny how expensive my wife and I thought our first baby was going to be. Now with our third baby, we’ve learned just how much the baby stuff marketed to parents are unnecessary.

Pennies Not Perfection says:

Great idea to prepare before getting pregnant! We saved up a bunch of money before having my daughter and it made the whole experience a little less stressful (still stressful for different reasons). Hope you guys get things into place for when God blesses you with a pregnancy!

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