How to Wash a Newborn

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avalonmystic says:

That wasn't a helpful tutorial for new parents. e.g. You didn't show the importance of how to wash the eyes and in what direction.  Also how is she supposed to do this alone in a slippery sink. Get a baby bathtub that the child can be supported into.

Caden Cathcart says:

The woman at the beginning was listening to the woman waffling and was so confused

Rowan Rose says:

Y'all need to wash out your sinks out….

Cathy Rodrigues says:

In a kitchen sink oh my God! This is so gross and just imagine the dangers of the child head being hit on those steel taps. This is so damm scary

Onur CAKLI says:

Is this video for those who cant get a new small tube for their newborns or for those having scorpions in their pockets?

Michelle Wells says:

Thats not a newborn

Donna S Kitchen says:

bruhhh what is this? ncncn crazy way

Donna Rodriguez says:

I’m 17 not pregnant and I don’t know why I’m watching this lmao

Leon Tulen says:

Instructions not clear drowned my cat.

Mrs. Smith says:

Definitely not a newborn.

Heather A says:

My babygirl is 3 weeks old and she loves taking a bath! I feed her first and after bathing she falls asleep instantly she had her 1st bath tonight and it went great! No crying at all

•xRachell Starrx· says:

So, cradle him like a football
Me: … you gonna cradle a football?! wHaT
who cradles footballs??

Ember Rosner says:

Sad that people need a instructional video on how to bathe a baby! Shows where society is these days.

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