How to use the ultrasound probe

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This animation is part of Basic Obstetric Ultrasound Module. Films of this module are to be used when training midwives and clinical officers in basic obstetric ultrasound.

MAF tested this film while training clinical officers and nurses in Mozambique.

Very few people living in low resource areas of the world have any access to obstetric ultrasound. However, on-going studies show that at risk pregnancies can be highlighted and appropriate and timely referral of women can have an impact on the morbidity and mortality rate of women in these countries.

Learning the orientation of the probe is considered to be the most challenging part of learning to scan. This animation is used in conjunction with other formal training to improve the proficiency, uptake and understanding of scanning.

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Mr.Nyce Guy says:

Thank you for the video!

Samy Wassef says:

very useful and helpful but the music is loud ,i like it much if with no music thanks

Belal Ibraheem says:

great information, thanks

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Claudia Bezerra says:

eu. tome. tô. gravida

hadilaksana sulaiman says:

very goods

Cheryl Dahl says:

i heard this could kill a baby. I don't see how, but it's good to research it to be aware of any possibility.

Abdullaziz H. Mohamed says:

cardio vescular

mohammed ismael says:

as a house officer interested in obst. this video was very useful for me ……. thanks alot

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