How To Safely Tone Your Abdominals After Pregnancy – Postnatal Exercise Advice for New Mums

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This weeks Q and A is: How To Safely Tone Your Abs After Pregnancy

Answer: So it is often the the first area that new mums are keen to start toning, but before you jumping into doing 100’s of sit-ups for those flat abs, it is important to understand how your abdominal muscles have worked over the past 9 months and the secret to get your pre pregnancy abs back is by working your deepest tummy muscles first as this helps draw back the muscle separation that occurs during pregnancy. This video explains how to do just that and has the 2 exercises that you need to be doing.
Lucy x


muneeb1912 says:

can i do these exercises now ? my baby is 1 year old .

navya vysyaraju says:

Plzz do more vedios for post pregnancy weight loss….

Ornela Tepshi says:

demonstration video please!
Lucy what about third trimester exercises to keep fit?
Thank you!

Heather Higgins says:

Please more Video's Like this :) SaconneJolys Sent me over to your channel!

Mel_houseofnash says:

I agree please could you show us the exercises step by step. My little one is 11 weeks old and im getting married in june so i am dying to get toned up and be fit and healthy so i have the energy to keep up with my little one! xx

Dena P says:

Can you show a demonstration ? I learn better by visual not pictures. Please and thank you

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