How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Vicks Vaporub

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Stretch marks can happen for plenty of reasons; the most common being pregnancy. Stretch marks can also just happen during growth spurts or losing and gaining weight in short periods of time. However you have gained your tiger stripes, you may want to consider making them lighter and less noticeable.
Believe it or not, countless reviews of Vicks say that it is like a magic eraser of stretch marks or loose skin after pregnancy.
The combination of menthol, thick oils and other skin cooling ingredients are perfect for reducing the vibrancy of even the most stubborn of stretch marks! Many people who use this method swear by it, with some people saying that it could get rid of marks within just a few days
While the makers of Vicks Vaporub do not claim that its product can actually reduce stretch marks or recommend its use as a treatment for skin conditions or scarring, the product has the anti-inflammatory property of eucalyptus, with women saying that within a week of using it, their stretch marks were 60 to 100 per cent gone.
Because Vicks VapoRub contains a combination of eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, petrolatum, camphor and turpentine oil, these oils combine and make overly stretched skin feel softer, while also reducing that dry appearance that makes stretch marks stand out.
You may have to get used to smelling like you have a permanent cold.
There are two ways you can apply
If you want to decrease the visibility of the awful stretch marks, apply Vicks on the affected area. You will see the positive result after two weeks of regular application.
Rub vicks all over your marks and put a piece of a cling wrap all the way around your hips. Later, put on a pair of tight leggings and leave it overnight. The marks should be gone when you wake up. If they don’t disappear, you might repeat this the following night.
vicks vapor rub for stretch marks before and after


Angelique OMG says:

What if you don't have The plastic thing

Ragini Timsina says:

aftr using vicks my stretchd marks are noe less visible

Jatinder Singh says:

disgusting stomach

Laxmi Yadav says:

vicks veporub se kitne din lagte h strach marks hatane me.

Briana Libert says:

does this work on dark stretch marks

TheNewOne 1 says:

is it supposed to burn this much? it was chilly and nice then got burning. I think its bcoz if the power of Vicks sooo….

Lazza Banse says:

does this actually work ??

Myeshia Hall says:

I'm 8months pregnant and started getting stretch marks now I was using coco butter but didn't work so can I use it. While I'm still pregnant or so I have to wait?

pokemo oon says:



Is this works also on my penis?

Michelle Hernandez says:

i wipp try this starting today and ill let u guys know on my results

Masurah Bella says:

OMG! I'm going to try it by tonight.. If this really work than I be the happiest person .

macy vaughn says:

can I use the ordinary plastic bag instead?

Belen Melendez says:

use bio oil

Bianca Bulchi says:

im going to try this and see if it works,my strechmarks are really deep into my skin and they are white and 2 years old….so im going to try it and just wait for the best


can I get the cream in France

Ivana Simikiliva says:

There are several things for curing stretch marks
Apply any of the following – peanut butter, aleo vera, and ground coffee
Eat berries, acai and citrus fruits
do more exercise
Drink larger amounts of water – helps to detoxify
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Miel Pasanting says:

Yes that's truth….

Ashani Rajapaksha says:

There are a few suggestions for removing stretch marks quickly
Apply any of the following – milk, olive oil, and ground coffee
Eat berries, acai and citrus fruits
do more exercise
Drink larger amounts of milk – assists in flush toxins
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MikaylaMinecraftproductions says:

I tried it I will tell you the results tomorrow also I used Vaseline apparently that also works

Nicole aka Wynona says:

Do I need to use cling wrap

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