How to Prepare your Dog for your New Baby!

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How to teach your dog to STOP JUMPING:


How to teach your dog FETCH:

How to Introduce your NEW DOG to your CURRENT pets:


CeriGotGame says:

My dog is also a lap/shep mix, the dog my husband had before I got mine was named Sadie, and I'm also watching this video to prepare for the birth of my son…o.o

Sibel Lqtif says:

Thanks for the video dude. The best results that I have found was at Brainy paws (i did a google) Without a doubt the most easy dog training tips that I have ever tested.

Claire Farrugia says:

This doesn't help at all. He's a perfectly behaved dog!

Michele Zampillo Voxson says:

Great video! <3

jay syed says:

lucky you paid for a dog already seem trained

KavorkaCurse says:

A more aggressive dog would have been better.

Jonas Jonassen says:

Why cant you shut up about petflow for once!

El Mono Juan (Minecraft Lover) says:

My dog NEVER barks why?!?

TFBOYS Roy says:

I love your video

DBD Mister J says:

Oh my god my puppy looks exactly like this dog lol.

ThunderBossGamer says:

What kind of dog is that

Equine Sisters says:

My dog is death and blind
I want her to come to me but she wont
I don't know what else to do please help

panzertoo says:

what a cute dog, she seems to be doing great! I know your anti'' food drive'' as a methodology I'm not sure you would ever have a dog that maintains eye contact without it? I would have no clue how it would or could be done?  that would be a good video

Silver Shadow says:

I need help please anyone
My jack Russell mix is VERY dominant and we keep him outside but from when he gets up till he goes to sleep he will yelp and whine and yap until he gets a walk. Anyone know what to do? And he isn't in any sort of pain. He was doing something he wasn't Ment to be doing so I put him on his side in a submissive position and made him stay there but my nan comes out and I get a yelling at for doing it. I have also tried to tell my nan don't walk him until he is quiet but she won't listen she thinks just because she has the lead that he thinks she is the boss but I tell her because she lets him walk in front of her he is the boss and I tell her that is one of the problems but she thinks it's stupid and tells me to be quiet

Canis familiaris says:

the one problem with pet flow is they only ship to U.S.

Santiago Murillo says:

Do a video on how to teach your dog not to hump!!!!!! Please!

Will Dubray says:

Help out! Give to Help my best friend Benji Raise funds on #indiegogolife

Slimenian says:

Hello Zack, all your videos helped me and i learned alot of new dog stuff, and it will help me with getting my first new dog/puppy

Raman Chadha says:

Can you make a video of how to train a three months old Shih Tzu. Please

CurlSi Divine says:

Hey Zac, I am a new puppy mother. My dog walks too closely to me and it causes me to trip. He is so distracted by looking where I'm going he rarely pays attention and crashes into stuff. It's tough to walk down the stairs without holding on to the railing or stepping on his little paws. Please help this new puppy mother out.

Jezzia And Eloisa says:

Zak, can you give some shout out can you give us like the clicker and freeze-bee (IDK THE SPELLING)

Jezzia And Eloisa says:

Comment down what is your favorite dog kind

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