How to prepare toddlers for a new baby!

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In this video I’ll share how I prepared my toddler for a new sibling. Carson will have just turned three when baby brother arrives (in just 4 short weeks!)
*Hello Baby (Lizzy Rockwell):
*I love you, Alfie Cub (Angela McAllister & Daniel Howarth):
*I’m a big brother (Parragon Books):






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Jennifer Askew says:

I love the nursey idea of pretending to nurse the baby doll to prepare carson

Jocel Palma says:

I don't know how I overlooked this video!!!

This morning, I was thinking how I would prepare my 3-yo son, Adam into becoming a big brother and then stumbled into this video :)

He is kind of clingy to Mama and sort of a jealous type so it makes me worry sometimes. But with this video, I realized that my husband and I just have to keep on reminding him that we love him so much and yes, we will never run out of love for the both of them.

God bless you and your growing family!

Klimt Kahlo says:

Very thoughtful video! I too had a hard time with my sister! I think they forgot to explain she would not be the same age as me when she would be born and I could not really play with her!!! Sucked do a little while, but my sisters are my world and being a bigger sister is the best thing that ever happened to me! ( sadly I have no children!)

Susy Barker says:

Awesome video!! Only 8 weeks right now but little R will be here before I know it! My little brother (im raising him) will need some help preparing for the big change and I will definitely use your tips!!

Martha Pennington Studio says:

Actually my daughter took very well to her baby brother. I mean they have their moments, but they love each other. Roman is now 16 months and Aki will be 3 in November. They are 15 months apart.

SabrinasTVTube says:

These are some awesome suggestions! I've been getting our almost 3 yr old ready for the new baby as well! I'll def have to do the pretend I'm nursing thing too! I would've never thought of that one!

Hannah Paul says:

Aww, Carson is so sweet! I'm sure he'll be a lovely big brother. The books sound really good, and the doll idea?… Genius!
I'm 20weeks into my first pregnancy, and we just found out that Bump is a boy – so exciting!!!
Your videos are such a big help, thank you :-) x

Andrea Felli says:

Thanks for the great book recommendation of Hello Baby just ordered it! Think my son will love it. Xox

JDM Lala says:

Congratulations! Any tips on prepping a spoiled dog for baby lol

cdenton9484 says:

Plz ready my story! I am about to have a BMT due to 2 rare cancers. I watch both of your channels all the time. I know you're excited for the baby! I know we are! This was an awesome video and i wish there would've been a video like this when I had my two kiddos 11 months apart. My son wasn't even 1 when I had my daughter but he didn't get why another baby came home with us etc. It was challenging to say the least but we survived!

sarah hassan says:

loved loved loved this video and all ur videos. .family love

Simply Dee says:

Thank you, you're a God sent. I am expecting these are good recommendations for preparing toddler for baby.

kitchentablecrafting says:

When I bought my son home, my youngest daughter was then 3.  She was really curious about me nursing the baby and asked all sorts of questions.  Should she give him a spoon? Did I feed her the same way?   Was one side for dinner and the other side dessert?  It was so funny.  Although we had bought her a baby doll to look after, she always wanted to help look after the baby and was always running for a 'postable'  nappy as she couldn't say 'disposable'.

zyelle1 says:

love your ideas Carson is going to be a great big brother. One of the things my husband and I did was tell our other kids it was their baby. we said things like our baby is coming home soon and they loved it. Before long they were telling other people my baby is in my mommy's tummy and its a girl baby. by the time the baby was born they were really excited and very willing to help mommy with things like bringing me the diapers and wipes or the blanket. It really was a great growing experience for all of us. we also encouraged them to help show baby as she free how to crawl, walk, and drink from a cup this let them know they were just as important as their new baby sister. Congrats on baby Owen you are such an amazing mom God bless you and your beautiful family sincerely Charlene.

Tisadas4 says:

We separated ours by 14 years (God's plan, not ours lol) I just made sure big brother knew how to babysit Haha!

Meagan Jameson says:

I love the idea of giving gifts between siblings! Does anybody have suggestions of what to gift? My daughter will be 3 when her brother is born and already has lots of dolls. I want to get her something meaningful that she will love. There is also a book we've been reading called Hello in There. It's a big sister book but it has a growing belly with flaps to lift that show the baby growing inside the belly, really cute!

Ariana Zavaleta says:

I Enjoy Watching Your Videos

Loretta Rodger says:

My oldest turned 6 shortly after his brother was born. To prepare, since I didn't know if baby would be born before or after the older one's birthday, I went ahead and ordered snack things for his school class. Lots of snuggles for big brother and a present from baby. He wasn't interested in the present. He looked at his brother and exclaimed "wow there really was a baby in there!" and headed to his grandmother's arms. Since he was old enough I encouraged big brother to read to his baby brother. Which worked out great for them both. That was over 21 years ago, both are still precious to me.

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