How to pick up and put down a baby

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Feeling nervous about holding a baby, especially a newborn, for the first time is understandable. Yet, babies aren’t as fragile as they seem – though there are some important things to remember when getting ready to hold your baby. For a newborn, you’ll want to provide good head and neck support. Your baby’s head is the heaviest part of his body, and neck muscles aren’t strong enough to help hold it up. You’ll also want to pick up your baby correctly so as not to put unnecessary strain on your own body.

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Frost._.Bite_ says:

My baby cousin is fixing be here soon, so I wanna learn how to hold a baby 😀

Kyn Chan says:

You support the neck because the baby is still too weak to lift their heavy head.

The Mystery of Magic says:

I became an aunt for my neice few days ago and wanted to hold her badly but afraid of dropping so thanks

Janet Baldwin says:

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Maira Ziemele says:

That is not how you correctly pick UP and put down A baby. This is old school and wrong

Earth Space says:

Thank you for the video I have twin baby cousins that are 3 months and Its been two years since the last time I carried a baby

Bakugo says:

I really needed to know this I’m getting a baby brother his name is gonna be kyler not Tyler KYLER

nathaniah Torres says:

I was bored and decided to see this since i have a 6 month ol baby cousin. I know how to pick them up and take care of them but i just wanted to see how other people pick them up……

ItzmeXAM says:

Im just here bcuz soon ill have a step sibling lol but its nit been concived yet

PorkSisig says:

Thank you for this video, I'm going to be a first time Dad this september, so excited!

ryan shock says:

This is the most chill comment section on YouTube, we probably all had babies when we watched this so everybody is in a good mood lol

ryan shock says:

Not gonna lie that was professional

bd shop with me says:

Your video is very beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this video.
God bless you. I am always your friend . Stay connected with me

ASMRpsy says:

I'm curious at what point can we pick them up under their arms??

el baddo says:

Good tip I learnt for putting the baby down is to push down on the bed whilst sliding your hand out so the babies head won't tumble(?) off your hand

Lara Khan says:

Very informative

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