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Do you want healthy homemade baby food in an easy to go pouch? Me too! Watch this video to see how I am doing just that!

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winterhappy25 says:

How do u travel with the pouch? From the fridge do u put ice pack in the bag and serve it cold? Or just serve it rm temperature?

Nom Nom Kids says:

try reusable pouches with this set. Those ones are disposable

Fili says:

Waaaauw. !!!

Munika says:

you should wash those spinach!!!

Kevin Coyle says:

why not wash and reuse the pouches esp for older kids:?

NiverZibib says:

Awwwcute sweet precious little baby at the end

thirtythreeflavors says:

Your camera is amazing! May I ask what you're shooting on? I'm in the market for a camera.

Sarah and Nate says:

Great video!

Nekita Keets says:

You should have poured it from the blender

Tamika Deas says:

where can I buy a bib for my son like Milo's love his name by the way

Suzy Choi says:

OMG too much talking and not enough camara time on the actual food making.

Brian Duff says:

Just had a friend have a baby shower and was looking for something like this for them. Might have to get it for them now!

Eleonore Bon says:

But shouldn't they actually chew the food? This has been pureed to a smoothie.

Md. Sanaullah says:

can i store my baby food in refrigarator for three days…..

Marissa says:

Where Can We Get The Pouches ?

TyME says:

People should do this. I saw a post on Facebook where a mother had given one of the store brands of these to her son. Her son told her it tastes like poo. So she cut it open and found some sort of green slug in it. I don't remember the brand. But it's just safe to make your own.

Sose Stoykovic says:

Correct me if I am wrong, should you be washing the veggies before using? especially for a baby??????
It seems pretty common not to wash veggies before use…

Ben N says:

Total milf!

Loud Ninja2.o says:

Ur awesome at this!

princess zaramae uy says:

Where can did you brougt that steamer?

Hello There says:

Awww milo is so cute

Alexandra Nikole says:

I got the squeeze station for Christmas and I have been loving it!

Ash Ortiz says:

Me encanta entiendo q vendes unas cucharitas para esas bolsitas :)

Alyssa K says:

I wanna make those

Megan Joy says:

Great video! I just started making purees for my daughter a few months ago but I didn't realize they had pouches like this. So handy! I just subscribed, looking forward to more vids :)

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