How To Make Natural Baby Formula (DR Sebi Approved)

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Seams is comprised of 92 essential minerals that our body needs to replenish daily . Combination of seamoss, hemp seeds and dates makes a nutrient dense formula rich in minerals to ensure baby growth and proper development.

seamoss Gel:


Essence Is Beautyyy says:

Thank you GOD for this man!

Claudette Nobles says:

Love this please make more videos like this. I’m going to give my grand baby more natural foods and milk

IAM_Chaka says:

Great video brother. As for everyone with negative comments. How did you make it to a video like this if you have no interest in a holistic or vegan lifestyle. Just to be a troll or what? Do you even have a baby that you are trying to supplement with. It’s confusing to me. Have you ever tried questioning the 85 or so ingredients on the back of formula that you can’t even pronounce or know the meeting. No you just think it’s okay because it’s sold in the store or made in a lab. No one is forcing anyone to intake anything. That’s all on you to do your research yourself like you should with every thing you do

Nurse Joanna says:

Breast milk is best. It has everything and more. Breast milk changes depending on what your baby needs in each developmental stage. Breast milk is alive , anything else is just dead powder. Breastfeeding also gives what nothing can, which is the closeness of the mother. Skin contact allows babies to feel deep love, their brain synapses fire up, Without constant skin contact the brain does not practice this firing of the synapses, which means the baby loses out on the ability to experience an ultimate level of emotion and deep love.

L. Jay says:

Is the texture grainy?

the2017 says:

You just talk about the minerals but no vitamins and essentials for brain development. Please don't this any baby. There is already a death on malnutrition on vegan babies die to this nonsense please stop! At least encourage breastfeeding because that's what babies should be drinking.

onli1luv says:

Looking for alternatives, how young did you start your babies?

Cardinal Copia's Love Slave says:

Reported for child abuse, you dumb vegan fucks.

Walser09FilmAffinity says:

full of crystals oxalates. Your baby will bleed inside because that shit. Give him something human what he really needs. Crazy degenerates. Study nutrition and antropology, please.

Vintage Moon says:

What brand sea moss is that?

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