How To Make Baby Food: Mixed Vegetables

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This baby food recipe includes zucchini, sweet potato and peas and carrots. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and then boil to soften. The sweet potato will take about 10 minutes to soften. The zucchini takes 8 minutes and the peas and carrots will be ready in 7 minutes.

Once the vegetables are soft use a food processor or blender to puree them until all of the chunks are gone. Serve after cooking or freeze for later.


Sapzi 123 says:

Can someone tell me is it okay to give blended vegetables to a 8 months old baby? Because I've heard preparing food (veges) using blenders, kills the nutrients of food? Is it true?

Radoslava Georgieva says:

I always find the freezing containers too small. My son was eating full jar of veggies on the first day he started solids. He screamed for more he loves food

ElenaLifeDesigns says:

I use steamer to prepare veggies and fruits

Nabeel Butt says:

tell me a good food

Sapna Kumari says:

Good idea to serve my baby goodness of vegetables. But I'm making little quantity for each usage.

Chelsea Denard says:

Optimally, if the baby has learned how to chew, those cooked and cooled veggies would be cut into small pieces and given to the baby to feed him/herself.

Puru Kharal says:

Well who like serve frozen food to their babies… lol

Abdullah Al Mamun says:

Freezing food is not good for babies health.

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