How to Hold a Newborn – Basic Holds

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Tips from expert midwives from the University of Colorado Hospital on how to hold a newborn baby.


Michelle Valencia says:

Wow, it's so small :')

Liz Viy says:

Haha that was so adorable, that guy was so awkward and nervous, can't wait to see my big tough man like that when he holds our newborn.

fucked gplus says:

sooo smalll

mokarrabin Hassan says:

This is very important to know every one

Malaika Newville says:

All the new dads who don't to hold a baby even newborn just sit down don't for any reason if u need to go to the bathroom ask for help from the nurse

Yolanda Rodriguez says:

It's actually nice to see them use a guy who's seems like he hasn't held a newborn. I know my bf is going to be like this when he's first learning

Ashley Spratlin says:

Awww. Look at those cute little baby feet!

Netera Pratt-Gutierrez says:

Lol, he got so nervous with the shoulder hold!

Cocoscent Coco says:

This was so cute to watch, thanks for sharing

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