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Learning how to hold a baby may be easier than you think. New parents are often nervous and anxious about holding a newborn. In this video, Jason provides 6 examples on how to hold a baby. From the football hold to the reverse belly hold, new parents will receive step by step instructions for holding their baby. While you have to find the baby hold that feels best for you, these 6 safe and secure holds are the most common. See which ones work for you and your baby.

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Manuel Fraustro says:

Thanks! My baby is almost 3-month old now and he still cries when I hold him. I will try some of the positions to see if that makes him feel more comfortable. It's very frustrating not be able to comfort him in my arms :(

Gabrielle Thomas says:

WOW!!! i am geting a babby doll for my birthday november 12

Genius Revision says:

Thanks for these. I’m watching this from the labour ward. Last minute tips!

Gio Castro says:

My daughter is due in 3 weeks. So excited!

Actidad says:

These are great tips that every new dad should know! Dads! Don't be afraid to hold your baby!

Bee Piffy says:

You're the man. First time dad of twin boys. Finding your videos very helpful. Thanks for all the tips!

Isidro Ruiz says:

Im a big fan

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