How To Help Your Baby Learn To Walk (Baby Health Guru)

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Before your baby walks, he’ll need about 1,000 hours of practice! Here’s how to encourage those first baby steps!


BOYT - Best Of YouTube says:

Hi Parents, Please see this video of our 11month super active walking baby –

Leave a comment if you like it or queries on how we ensured such growth of our kid.

Corvina Degracia says:

My son is 11.5 months and will walk a few steps before dropping…he hast to use furniture to stand up again but he’s trying so hard to walk.

Richard Siemion says:

The stethoscope gives her automatic street cred.


I'm watching this during the Covid19 pandemic, 2020. Our son is now 6 months old.

Dan 2000 says:

My son started on baby walkers and 6 months and at. 7 months could take up to 3 steeps. At 10 months he started walking.

bhavesh madaan says:

This post is really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us. This post really helped me in teaching how to help my baby learn to walk. Also check out my article on when will my baby learn to walk. Check out the article here:

Vicky says:

I love that im watching this to learn to walk on a handstand

Stawart Hayworth says:

The best and outstanding ways to train your baby. Learn more from the link below

Alanna Jade Yoga says:

I learned absolutely nothing to help my baby walk

Bud Mac says:

All of this unnecessary “competition” just adds to unnecessary anxiety and senseless worry ! Each Baby has his or her individual growth schedule and activity development patterns. Relax and Enjoy your INFANT ! They will be Toddlers soon enough, and you’ll have missed out on their precious infancy.

John Besser says:

I have to disagree with this, both of my daughters were walking at 7 months and we gave them a walker at 4. Now at 6 months my youngest daughter's daughter is starting to walk on her own and has been pulling herself up to a standing position at 4 months. She was also given a walker at 4 months. I agree the babies can move around with the walker and get into some trouble, but while the baby is in the walker shouldn't the parent be watching anyway?

Rutendo Chipere says:

My son started standing at 7 months now he is 9 months but he is not walking yet

Barbara W says:

Thats great. We are not useing a walker. Good to know im not fucking up

Allissa Dolinger says:

I am sorry but if baby walkers are bad STOP MAKING THEM!!!!!!

JOHN says:

I have very clear memory's of been 1 or max 2 years old all by my self my mam didn't encourage or show me directions what to do ,I rember clearly me standing up straight on my feet upright and for the first time my legs felt different a little stronger at the time and I started wobbling forward for first time ,I figured it out all by myself self with no help from mam never seen my dad in fuck him don't need him hope him, I dead by now anyway .I learned to. Walk all by self as a toddler

Bradley Petersen says:

My son is 10 months and walking

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