How to Get a Baby to Sleep: Tips from Pediatrician Dr. Gurinder Dabhia | San Diego Health

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Developing good sleep habits early on is critical to a child’s development. But how do you get a baby to sleep through the night? Pediatrician Dr. Gurinder Dabhia discusses sleep training tips and tricks, at what age you should begin sleep training, how to help babies stay asleep and more. Learn more:

0:44 – How do you get a baby to fall asleep? How do you sleep train a baby?
1:06 – At what age should you start sleeping training your baby?
1:55 – At what time of night do infants usually fall asleep?
2:15 – How long can you expect a baby to stay asleep?
2:42 – Why do babies wake up throughout the night?
3:06 – Do babies just want to be held during the night?
3:46 – How much sleep does an infant need every 24 hours?
4:11 – Should my baby sleep in the same room as me?
4:50 – Is hearing the sound of a parent’s voice soothing to a baby? Does it interrupt the baby’s sleep?
5:35 – How should you put your baby to sleep?
6:19 – Can your baby sleep in bed with you?
6:48 – How long should you breastfeed your baby before you can expect them to fall asleep?
7:37 – Should you let your baby cry in their crib?
8:04 – What is the Ferber method?
9:08 – At what age should you start to let your baby cry in their crib?
9:41 – How long should you let your baby cry?
10:56 – If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, should you let them cry themselves back to sleep?
11:41 – Is music or white noise soothing to a baby to help them fall asleep?
13:00 – How do you communicate trust to your baby?
13:37 – What are the signs that your baby has sleep issues and you should consult a doctor?
14:06 – Should you sleep when your baby sleeps?


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