How To Gain Weight Fast For Baby | Complete Weight Gain Guide For Baby | 0 to 6 Months

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How To Gain Weight Fast For Baby | Complete Weight Gain Guide For Baby | 0 to 6 Months

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Najma Khan says:

My daughter is 5months her weight is 6kg is it a good weight???

Aparna Reddy Edla says:

my baby 4 month weight 5.ok?

Cute Angel says:

my baby is 12 days old when he was born he 2.5 kg please let me tell he is ok??

Sydney candice Nakimuli says:

My baby is 2months old and is weighing 6.3kgs is it ok

arooj Fatima says:

May I know about formula milk? What is formula milk

Karthik Gowda says:

my baby 3months old , my baby weight 5,500 its normal weight

Shahina Shahi says:

my preterm baby born at 31 weeks.his birth weight is 1.320 kg. now he is 6 months old and weighs 6 it normal..?
now iam started to give solid food..which foods include in his diet

Mandeep Kaur says:

My baby is 2 n half month is weight 2.600kg . Is it OK ? Plz answer me…..

engy mohamed says:

my baby is 7 months and her weight is 6 kg
how can i increase her weight,plz

Bashir Azizi says:

My daughter is 6months her weight is 8kg. Is it a good weight?
She is very active

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