How to flatten post-pregnancy belly

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Giving birth is hard work, but getting your abs back in shape after delivering your baby doesn’t have to be. Marianne Ryan, a physical therapist and author of “Baby Bod,” shares four of her favorite exercises to trim and tone your post-pregnancy tummy


Naked Beekeeper says:

why am i watching this? (male/35)

Built Minis says:

its women not people idiot

Alex Negri says:

Health bill is dead on arrival to Senate, Kim Jong Un has another autistic breakdown, and Macron may not be paying taxes. But THIS, this is what we need to hear about.

Clovis SAS says:

Your after birth exercise should be cooking, cleaning and babysitting

Taryn says:

This isn't news y'all

Zoharargov says:

Does she even lift tho?

Blackvoid2me says:

Y'all better follow this! Postpartum depression is a preexisting condition if this health bill passes.


How low can you go? This rates right up there with a CNN lead story! GET IT TOGETHER, LADS.

Skeptical Libertarian says:

fox news is fake news!!

Robert Fields says:

Ewwwww, pregnancy belly, gross and not hot.

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