How To Do Belly Mapping! (And Know Your Baby's Position)

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Close 🔅 Gaily Tully of is the pioneer and creator of the Belly Mapping process. She was gracious enough to let me share about her concept will all of you :). She asked that I include the following information: Belly Mapping, SPINNING BABIES® and all original works of authorship contained in Gail Tully’s associated publications, websites and related platforms are the property of Gail Tully and Maternity House Publishing, Inc., with all rights expressly reserved. Excepting uses otherwise permissible under applicable law, any/all uses require written licensing from Maternity House Publishing, Inc.

Belly mapping empowers mamas to know their baby’s position in utero and then take any necessary action to rotate baby for a more comfortable and shorter birth. More tips at Other images of belly mapping: Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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Amena Taha says:

Thank u so much i was wandering what my baby’s position is thank god it’s Interior

Laura Chelsea says:

I think my son kept switching between posterior and anterior position. Felt his feet in the ribs while sitting in a car, and other times, kicks were outwards. He was head down the entire time.

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