How to conceive naturally: Tips from a fertility doctor

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Don’t press the panic button if conceiving is taking longer than expected, explains fertility specialist Dr Shweta Goswami.
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Beatrice Sandy says:

I have PCOS and I remember how l felt when the doctor toid me it would be hard for me to conceive I now have 4 children very successful pregnancies God blessed me with use of herbs!

Adarsh Damodaran says:

Dear all, I have a doubt..
Should male sperm force should be high (like what will be shown in porn) while inserting into vagina to get women pregnant or just ejaculation of sperm is enough deep into vagina to get femle pregnant..

unique cooking with Aasma says:

I'm 47 year can having pregnancy ?help me.

sadipuria spj says:

7903953922ilaj karaai….

Freddie dicho Innoson says:

Dr Joel can help you in conceive babies just message him now and berief him your problem

Toxic Bahu says:

I hope will get pregnant soon .,

Toxic Bahu says:

Than you so much mam for the information you’ve provided., I was so stressed about this but now I’m feeling so positive .,

Nel Pe says:

One important tip, of our ages now: STAY AWAY from the sterilizing COVID VACCINE (ALL of them are !!!!) + VACCINATED people! SPECIALLY, DON'T have intercourse with them!!!
Sofar, 1000's of unfortunate, unplanned pregnancy terminations!!!!!!

Nizha Lopez says:

I was Barren for many years know child to call my own my husband was not happy with me I try all manner of drugs naughty to show, I saw a testimony on YouTube how doctor oje herbal medicine is helping people to conceive and have dear babies but today I am a living testimony all thanks to doctor oje on YouTube herbal medicine God bless you.

Raj singh says:

99%गारंटी मिले 9927029910

Senthilkumar Patchai says:

4 IVF and 3 IUI failure failure failure.

pavi chandru says:

Without any complications like irregular periods and PCOD we are trying for 6 months to get pregnant. We didn't made it yet… Wat to do in this case Mam..???

Fizz Mehmood says:

If female is 42, first marriage, and trying to conceive, and husband is 50 , both are healthy , how much chances of conception ?? and can baby be healthy in 42 years mother's age ??
And video is really a quality video.thanks

Margaret Daley says:

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raksha poppy says:

Thank you dr.for your most valuable video.i got married in Dec20 since feb 20 i m trying for pregency as some or other reasons it not happening..

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