How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30

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Are you ready to start a family? Today more and more families are struggling to conceive. Stress, the choice to start a family later, medications, dietary choices can all impact fertility. In this video, clinical nutritionist Christa Orecchio shares how to use natural methods (and foods) to conceive naturally – even if you’ve struggled getting pregnant in the past.

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Andrea Oates says:

I’ve been trying for 14years and have never been pregnant

mariam bakkour says:

Definitely would say have leaky gut

steverfc7 says:

30 is not old to have child not as if child will be an orphan. what age is to old to have child over 60 when child is likely to be an orphan

MK Lemon says:

Just bought the book! Cannot wait to try!

Pamela Hopkins says:

In May, 2013, I came across “wucu shocking plan” (Google it) and followed its directions. 3 months later of its help, in discovered that I had got pregnant. luckily, I was able to bear a 7 pound baby boy who was very healthy. Very sorry doctors!get to Google to learn more regarding this dynamic health formula.

Amia Nico says:

How can I contact you?

Andy Spark says:

You should bring some new happy families in to the studio, who followed your recommendations.
That would be the best promotion for your book.

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