How to change diapers of a Newborn Baby

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Dad Matt Dad 0323 says:

A bolls yes

Dad Matt Dad 0323 says:

I won’t a pinis not a veiny be kid I have a vginy

Dad Matt Dad 0323 says:

Yay a pinis

Lauren P. says:

am i the only one who was weirded out by her blowing on his privates lol but not hating this actually was a helpful video i just thought that part was awk haha

roadbtrip 2016 says:

This helped my cousin so much thanks

Lexi Brand says:

R u crazy?! Id rather just put powdered cornstarch on the baby rather than taking my sweet ass time. And wtf do u mean dont be afraid to hurt them they dont hurt easily. Yes they fucking do u moron.

Sailor Rose says:

Why are you blowing on his ding dong. You petty

Jill 87 says:

i don't understand you are at home conditions why don't you wash his bottom, instead of usind wipes with chemicals ?!

5Wolfrs says:

2:14 now that's a "blowjob"

Lizzy Love says:

Now this is so fucked up. Videos on how to change a nappy.

Ryan says:

he's got a nice package!!!

Salty llamas says:

To much nides

vlog girl says:

if you agree like the commet

vlog girl says:

i feel bad for the baby it is so enbaressing for the baby when she is older sge is be enbasesed

Yolette Battle says:

I know it's not a girl but I still wouldn't wipe from back to front…..

Jose ` says:

just found out ima dad

Connor Hays says:

she didn't put a wipe on the penis

Connor Hays says:

why didn't she put a wipe over the penis

Annette Elliott says:

take it off, wipe, put clean one on. finished!

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