How to Change Baby’s Clothes—Pro Tips!

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“Make a big hole”(demonstrated) is key to keeping your baby happy while changing clothes that go over the head. Keeping your baby warm also keeps your baby happy. Happier babies grow up to be happier adults as research shows.

There’s more! Discover baby care practices that promote trust, self-confidence, happiness, independence, raise IQ, and improve the overall health of your baby— research based.

Learn to know what your crying baby needs and how to respond with appropriate care. Extraordinary baby care, easily yours, helps you raise a truly amazing human being. Our world needs more “amazing human beings” and your baby can be one of them!

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Pubali Saikia Kakoti Pubali Saikia Kakoti says:

nice, very very nice

Amber Coleman says:

I love your channel! This is perfect for me! I love to study these videos before bedtime especially since I'll be expecting my little baby boy next month (JULY)!!!

Fabiola Sainz says:

Thank you I was able to change my little sisters clothes now

Ester Willis says:

So Sweet. I already know how but it was fun to watch….

basha moruiemang says:

I am here for the baby,so adorable

MyLyfe...MyJourney says:

Aww She is such a sweet beautiful little girl!!! Too cute!

Masood Khan says:

Awww so cute

M Mm says:

He look like my baby boy

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