How to Change a Diaper

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VIKRAM K C says:

Thank you very much

Adrian Swaby says:

Changing nappy


Book by Scott Turow

Leftenant Zidane

Bloated Prostate says:

You not allowed to show pines on you tube you know they do not allow it it not apropet

Ramon arredondo jr says:

don't cry me muppet

Snake lover 102 says:

Why the fuck did you not censor this!

This Life says:

Should be titled “how to put a nappy/diaper on”

Kyle Garvey says:

Blade: goochie goo

Kyle Garvey says:

Goochie goo

Jason Lam says:

It wasn't a diaper change it was more like putting the diaper on

Tiffany Skinner says:

0:24 I am literally a child dskfjldkjfs

Kylee Sharer says:

Y did u touch his penis

Nate Krieger says:

What Specific Brand of Diaper is Used on the Beautiful Baby?! “Fold the top of the Diaper below the…Cord!! Let good air circulate in which case it will dry faster!!”

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