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Learn how to change a diaper step by step. In this video, Jason goes over changing a baby’s diaper so you can be an expert in no time. While some parents have changing stations, this video shows you how to change a diaper just about anywhere.

If you have a newborn baby, changing the diaper is quite easy as the baby won’t move much. Remember that changing a nappy is a time to bond with the baby. Think of diaper changing as a positive experience that gives you one on one time with your child.

You will want to make sure you have your diapers and wipes ready. The last thing you want to do is have an open dirty diaper and realize that your diapers and wipes are in the other room. Jason provides some additional insight and expert tips that he learned to improve efficiency in changing diapers.

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john dewberry says:

About to have my first little girl. Your videos have definitely helped me prepare

thunder kitty says:

Question: WHAT IF the clean diaper under the dirty diaper gets a little dirty? Do we still put it on the baby or do we change it for a new one again?

thunder kitty says:

Hi.. I see a lot of dads commenting. But, I’m a mother:) my baby will be born on June 30th and I know it’s early, but still. I tried chasing my cousins diaper once and failed miserably. You actually taught me sum extra things I did not think about. Thanks✨

Michael Chiofalo says:

Wife gave birth today to a beautiful baby girl, thanks for this !

Лилия Комсалова says:

Hey there!
Very valid points, thank you for the great video. Something that i was researching previously before this video was to not lift the baby by the legs since it could leave to discomfort in the abdominal area and spine as well. There are videos by chiropractics available which shows how to turn the baby in other to change the diaper safely.

ghost breath says:

thanks so much for this video ! in about to be an auntie, and it’s already decided that i’m going to be babysitting my nephew the most haha !!

NateX07 says:

I’m starting babysitting tomorrow and this was really helpful thanks!!

Jose Vega says:

Waiting on my first born <3 Expecting a Baby girl, this was SO helpful, thank you!

C Rodriguez says:

You’re not supposed to kiss your baby, terd.

The Gio Speaks! says:

Hey! New dad here. Thanks for the advice! Now I can avoid getting in my son's crosshairs when I have to change him. 😛

Damien Young says:

I just had a baby, and the doctor always said “there’s no such thing as a “too tight” diaper” but I keep seeing other opinions about diapers that are too tight lock in moisture and create diaper rash…

dalton jackson says:

About to have a baby girl in 17 days. This helped tremendously. I do work on social media as well. Instagram @daltonjackson so if you see me changing a diaper on there. Know it’s from your help

Vassilis Nomikos says:

00:00 intro

01:06 have everything near you

01:31 put your child on a flat surface

01:53 always have one hand on the baby

02:16 put a clean diaper under the current one

02:51 open the dirty diaper

03:21 wipe the baby clean

03:44 remove the dirty diaper & wipes

04:01 apply diaper cream

04:33 secure the clean diaper

Amber Warnke says:

Thank you! I babysit and this video taught me how to change a diaper for the very first time!!

Chillin Leo Fresco says:

Thanks for this. I'm a new dad and my daughter will be her mid January. I'm so looking forward to bonding with her during diaper change time.

salmonflavored says:

Nice video.

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