How to change a baby boy’s diaper and never get peed on again

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It’s always risky changing a baby boy’s diaper because you may get… well… wet. Jeff Deminski found a method of changing a boy’s diaper that will get the job done without putting you at risk!

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Sheryl Miller says:

U Didn't even clean the BABY!

emily cathcart says:

You won't get peed on, but how do you clean him properly? If the old diaper was dirty then it's all just going to go inside of the new diaper. I will say though, he is a very cute baby! ☺

Damian White-Graham says:

Patent for what?! You just changed the diaper quickly. And didn't sanitize his private parts properly. Or moisturized the area to prevent rashes. Worst advice I've ever seen.

Jana Janssen says:

You need to wipe better than that

questionablywhite says:

I thought everyone did this… lol. I'm 12, w/ 3 baby siblings I've helped taking care of since I was 5-6, and I've been doing this since I was 8, lol. Not just for the baby boys, either.

Clarese Forbes says:

Men are so dumb :/

Chris Chiera says:

Lol, he might not have got peed on but he also didn't clean the baby. All the pooh or pee that he's been sitting in is still in there. Not to mention you could still get it in the couple of moments the air hits. Very odd video.

Chloe Jones says:

Not helpful. Didn't clean him up.

Cami Petcu says:

you forgot to clean his bum!

zoppie says:

You're still allowing a narrow window of opportunity.

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