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Zainab Mulla says:

great video very informative

Amber M says:

this helped somewhat! I'm a first time mom.. 7 months pregnant..I want to breast feed but I keep getting scared I won't get it!

neha singh says:

Thanku for the vdo..i am 34 week pregnant and find it very helpfull.. I will follow the instructions

teethelovepirate says:

any mom would know that's not a newborn…they barely open their eyes none the less hold their heads up…. cmon now LOGIC

LaNoire27 says:

What a big pretty baby.

mica hall says:

I'm going do the same

Arlyn rodriguez says:

Why is this funny to me

Ms. Moses says:

Breast feeding is hard at times but it's worth it. Keep. Breastfeeding moms out there.

Khlood Horani says:

i like the video (How to breastfeed and I wish to sent it to my email

Demonic Cupcake says:

Now that's a BIG baby.

Charlette Hernandez says:

What a pretty little fat baby awwwww 😀

Sarah Davinia says:

go watch porn instead! you're at the wrong site!!!!

courtney goudie says:

what the fuck? its not porn dumb ass.

kaylynn burbank says:

oh im nervous about having my baby this really helps thank you

valliebabyy says:

hes got lonnnggg beautiful eyelashes! hes so cute

Michelle A says:

I want that baby for myself to nurse and I'm not even pregnant or have kids :/

i wish it wasn't a stigma to share babies to nurse because I would love to nurse hungry babies and I have no idea why I would want to do that

Rascal Gets says:

I will be watching this again. Great and informative! Thanks!

Lizzy Matsumoto says:

great video and information was clear.

Hecate Hecate says:

That rely helpful:) tanks

Hunter Kuntz says:

time to delete my history again lol

Alice Smith says:

So adorable. I can't wait to have a child someday <3

Jennie Diday says:

Look at the eyelashes on that kid!

TheCrystal1718 says:

Doesn't using ice on your breast during breastfeeding doesn't it dry out your milk completely..that's what happened to my sister when she was breastfeeding her breasts were so soar and she didn't want to put ice patches she was scared she could breast feed her baby anymore if her milk dried up

Jessi Pearl says:

omg he's so cute when she said "falls a sleep and fall off" (ok not a direct quote) but he was still sucking thats adorable!! i cant wait to have my baby i hope i can breastfeed

beeney2 says:

Good Luck for last July. Hope your 5 Month old baby is fine. This video is lovely . I agree the baby is chubby and cute . All women have different anatomies and this Mommy has quite big boobs and long nipples which might help with Latch On.

cherrygummysix says:

Thank you for the informative video, breastfeeding is healthy for the mom (reducing risk of breast cancer) and for the baby (better immune system).

lonishar says:

It's time we stop being embarrassed about our bodies, our bodies are beautiful, we should not be embarrassed to feed, we should not need to hide ourselves!

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