How to bind your belly after birth

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Belly binding is an age-old practice for promoting healing and providing support after childbirth. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

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Ayesha Zain says:

Can we do it after c section delivery

Sateesh Amanchi says:

Enta sepu unchali belt ne

Belinda A says:

second baby i waited too long to do it now im 4 months postpartum i need help

Nena Mehak says:

Is it possible after c section?

DeDe Shep says:

Nice and simple

Anitha Bala says:

Different cultures have the same concept. Helped a lot.

Kathleen Schmidt says:

Ich würde das niemals machen warum auch. Die Gebärmutter bildet sich alleine zurück und als junge Mama hat für sowas sowieso keine Zeit. Außerdem möchte ich mich nicht einquetschen

FoodShowFan says:

It seems like it should be backwards, with the knots in the back?

Radhika U says:

Its common practice in India ..but western educated Indian doctors say there is no use of it ..

Syeda Aafreen Kazi says:

How's it possible in a C-section case?
Also, for how long should it be worn in a day and for how many days?

Esther Wanjiku says:

I have done it twice n next month after giving birth to my 3rd born am doing it again…

Aatika Aamir says:

I didn't no about this can i do this now my bby is 8 mnths

matanyesu allforjesus says:

I believe most Africans do a form of body bath massage and then tummy binding,hmm it is effective but this type is different. Never seen it this way and this lose.

s k says:

This is nothing new Africans, Jamaicans and people from the Caribbean have been doing this for years
Ps this is the orginal waist trainer

Bria Bree says:

in modern times i comfortable exercising waist trainer can be used in place of the cloth

Amna Waqar says:

Can we do this after a c section

Moumita Choudhury says:

I really don’t have time to do this daily rather I would prefer to buy a belt for tightening belly skin.

Guera G says:

Im 2 months postpartum can i still do this???

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